Financial Planning is a personal process, not a product.


The two things that really matter are:

  1. What goals you want your future finances to help you achieve
  2. How to manage the risks that get in the way of progress

It’s not possible for one person to be an expert at everything, which is why we use a team approach to problem-solving. Combining the skills and knowledge of multiple advisors, we are fully equipped to work together in the best interest of our client, no matter how unique their situation may be.


Our Process


1. Introductory meeting

To understand your current situation, needs and determine if we are a good fit (typically lasts an hour)


2. Discovery phase

Reviewing your current financial data while helping you to identify and select your goals


3. Solutions & recommendations

Our team will recommend financial planning strategies based on the findings


4. Implement, monitor & tweak

Your needs may shift as you progress in life - that’s why we’ll be there with you every step of the way, making changes where necessary


How Do We Get Paid?

At Focus Wealth Strategies, we understand that every client and their needs are different, which is why we believe the fee structure for each financial plan should be just as individualized. Whether it's an hourly consulting fee, commission, or asset-based fee, we will work with you to find the arrangement that makes the most sense for your situation.

You’ll also never be caught off-guard with ‘surprise’ bills - we will fully disclose the details of our fees before you make any commitment to work with us.